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Startup.com showcases the struggle two or should I say three friends faced when trying to startup their own company by first starting their own website which would handle any interactions you would need if you needed to contact your local government in regard to paying a ticket or fine. Tom Herman, Kaleil and Chieh Cheung are the founders but seeing that Chieh was not contributing much to the company, Tom and Kaleil bought Chieh’s share of the company, so the three musketeers became the two musketeers. The documentary is very insightful showing how hard it is to start a company, showing how they started the struggles they faced along the way and just how it was difficult starting a company with friends. There was a problem Tom and Kaleil and it showed they each had an idea of the company’s future but each idea was different so for them to pitch two different ideas hoping for investors to invest into the company made it a lot more difficult, since it gave an impression that the founders do not share the same vision which hurts the company’s image as a whole. This highlights the problem for those who are looking to start up a business and the importance of having friends/employees that share the same interest as if things do not work out you might get the boot similar to how Kaleil took charge of the company and eventually gave the boot to Tom. As for the company in Kaleil’s case eventually it showed the demised of the company for not keeping up.


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