Beep boop
Learning HTML was such a fun idea until I started to look at page sources and seeing a long list of codes and seeing that so much is in for just one page. Well first thing first when writing code for my page I remember how complicated it was the first time I looked at it, be it that the first time I actually looked at HTML was when MySpace was the go to for social media. Even though in this case we are not actually trying to put an image as a background and making text a certain font and adding a music player to the code since well I would use websites that would just simply write the code for me and it was a simple copy and paste. Actually looking and typing my own HTML code was first a little exciting seeing that I could potentially make my own website or start my career as a coder officially. All jokes aside I found it was relatively easy to get the hang of so I figured. Shortly I realized how tedious it can become, such as always making sure you closed the tag and then checking over and over again that you were getting the right reasons. I have experience using Python, another computer language which is simple as can be or to my knowledge at the very least. I can understand the frustration of a misplaced comma, colon or a name error just because the first letter was not capitalized. Although HTML is simple and not as complicated as other computer language, I can appreciate it because from HTML we got another computer language such as Python and Java.


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